Did You Know You Can Buy Cheap Mazoe Online With Free Shipping?

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The other day, I discovered that the drink bottler Schweppes has an online store where you can buy products like Mazoe at wholesale price. On top of that, they’ll ship it to you for free if you’re in a major city. I typically find Mazoe for around $3 but getting a case of 6 will bring it down to $2.25 a bottle. It was cheaper during COVID but inflation happened.

To get it, go to the shop and order what you want, pick a payment method and you’ll get your order shipped to you in a couple of days. Note that if you pay with cash on delivery, make sure you have exact change because the drivers rarely have it. Also, stock can be flaky so you might not always get the flavor you want.

I love that they provide this service, but it’s funny to see a lorry pull into a neigbourhood just to drop of a case of Mazoe. I heard that you can get a similar service from Delta by contacting their sales reps. I guess the free shipping makes sense since they have to go somewhere anyways so they might as well.