I Was Denied Entry Into The Country Of Georgia For No Clear Reason


I heard that Georgia (the country 🇬🇪) is a lovely country that’s cheap to visit. Given that, I thought I’d visit the country for my birthday with my sibling. I was gonna go alone, but my mother suggested I go with them. I found a tour package with Enjoy Georgia (Whatsapp Number +995597904526) for $250 a person for a week complete with transport, accomodation, breakfast and sim card. They said I could pay on arrival and along with my US visa, I throught I’d be able to visit no problems.

We then got to tDoha airport for the 9am flight which was uneventful as I watched a bunch of Border Patrol videos, which was probably a bad omen in hindsight. We then landed and headed over to immigration where we had to wait while they processed our visa. We showed them our reservation, funds, US visa and tour package to which we waited only to be told that we were told by the airline staff that we couldn’t enter the country. I asked immigration why and they said they couldn’t give us a reason and we’d have to go to immigration in Doha (where I don’t live). Even the paper they made us sign had the reason stated as “other reason envisaged by Georgian legislation”.

After that, we were ushered back onto the plane we came on where we couldn’t sit because we had no bording passes. On top of that, our bags never came on the flight. Eventually, it got sorted and we flew right back from where we came. I could hardly contact the tour package providers which I would only reach once I landed in Doha. The cabin crew held onto our passports and refused to serve me alcohol, which is probably wise. Once we landed, we were ushered again by ground staff first to a rebooking desk to see where we wanted to go. We had out Hayya passes so we could just go back into Qatar.

Our bags weren’t there unsuprisingly so we lodged a complaint where it turns out I’m really bad at explaining things. Worse still my sibling kept pointing it out which was pissing me off. I don’t even know why I bother blogging given that’s the case. We then decided to get some amazing korean fried chicken at QoKio before heading to bed.

A brown of soy brown fried chicken topped with sesame seeds along with some brown tinged tubulars

The only good thing to come out of all this. Those tubular things are the rice cakes and they were 🌠 divine 🤩.

My sibling left the next day while I spent a few more days I might write about sometime. We only got all our luggage back the day after I got back since it kept going back and forth between Georgia and Qatar.

I didn’t feel it at the time, but this whole ordeal made me really sad. I can speculate as to why they didn’t let us in, but it’s just disheartening to be denied entry for no reason and not have an oppurtunity to defend myself. I really hope I can visit Georgia one day (preferably with an e-visa and lots of documentation) so I can enjoy the delights of khinkali and khachapuri.