There’s a Lot of Digital Competition


Now I know that time is finite, I also understand it’s ramifications for the attention economy. The issue is that it’s much bigger than before as there’s so many things competing for your attention. For instance, my blog is here, much like the other sites in my RSS reader, the YouTube channels I’m subscribed to, the podcasts on Overcast, the subreddits, Hacker News threads, Twitter miniverses and random websites. And that’s just the free stuff. Add money to the mix and you’ll also be competing with checkout candy.

There’s a lot of competition out there whose customers are increasingly price sensitive. Then again, there’s a lot more eyeballs with more being added every day, as tech becomes faster1.

I thought of this recently as I came across a video on why YouTube subscriptions are just a channel like button [7:00]. In short, the content discovery method has changed as there’s so much stuff out there.