Formative Posts

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The goal of this page is to collect content which has had a big effect on how I think about stuff.

Thanks to Eric Bailey for the idea!

  • You Don’t ‘Lack Follow Through’ [VIDEO 26:47]—it called out my tendency to fall into maladaptive daydreaming and argues that it’s a coping mechanism for a shitty life. To solve it, you’ll need to live in the present, focus on the next few actions and realize achieving your goals come with new problems and you’ll still have to live.
  • The Psychology of Money—my favorite money book which shows how money is more than a math.
  • Strong Towns—a synecdoche encompassing the book and the movement. Helped me think about how we should design our cities.
  • What People Get Wrong About Induced Demand [VIDEO 8:05]—in general, supplying more of something allows more of it to be used. Inducing demand isn’t the problem, inducing demand for cars with “one more lane” is unlike active transport which has many positive externalities.