How to Get HEVC Video Extensions for Windows For Free


I’ve had to rewrite this since the previous hack doesn’t work anymore and I’ve had to reconfigure my laptop. If you install Windows from scratch, you might have an issue if you try to view HEIF/HEIC images or HEVC videos since there’s no codec. To get it:

  1. Visit https://store.rg-adguard.net/
  2. Enter in the link to the HEVC Extension app page in the search bar.
  3. Download the .appxbundle file and install it. The browser might refuse to download it but it’s perfectly safe since the link comes from Microsoft.

Arrow pointing to the address bar with the app page link and another arrow pointing to the download link

The manufacturer who sold you the device paid for this codec, but doing a clean install can remove it and there’s no option to access the page directly. It costs $1 so if it takes you more than 4 minutes to do this you’re wasting your time.

While you’re add it, get the AV1 media codec.