Please Have an Actual Website For Your Business Instead of Relying on Facebook

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**Update 19 September 2023:**I complained a bit about Facebook and I have a Facebook account again, although it’s just for work. It’s also not as agressive about getting you to log in anymore.

One thing that pisses me off is how large software companies pretend that they can’t make good mobile websites. Facebook especially since their mobile site is annoyingly unusable—it won’t even let you copy-paste for some stupid reason. I’ve tolerated this since it’s what businesses use to push out updates and share their catalogs. The problem is that if someone has a bad experience due to an online presence you don’t control, they’ll be annoyed with you rather than the website.

I end up there mainly for for The Old Stables Market at Borrowdale Race Course as well as some other restaurants and businesses in Harare. I assume that I’ll get a better experience if you log into Facebook, which I won’t do since I don’t have an account1.

I know I’m in the minority here, but can you look into getting a website for your business? I get that it’s hard to keep up to date compared to social media, but you’ll have more control over how you’re business presents itself. Heck, if you’re in Zim, I can even help you build a website if you just email me at [email protected].

  1. I joined the whole #DeleteFacebook craze and deleted my account partly because Facebook was an ass, but mostly because it made me feel like shit and had endless irrelevant notifications, though I had some good times there as well. Jokes on me because I went to Twitter which isn’t much better mentally. I would like to get back since there are useful communities and the like, but there’s no psudo-anonymous way of doing it. Facebook insists on making a profile of everyone so there’s no way to be psudo-anonymous. Fix that and I might get back. ↩︎