When I was a kid, I didn’t read much and when I did, it was hardly fiction. The only time I could read fiction is if it was funny1. To that end, I read Spud by John van de Ruit, the series of coming-of-age of a teenager who attends Michelhouse, a prestigious boarding school in KwaZulu-Natal,South Africa.

I don’t remember much about the book besides how funny I thought it was at the time. I watched the first movie and I didn’t bother to watch the next two for some reason. It’s only recently I decided to watch the second movie The Madness Continues. I’ll update this post when I watch and read the other movies and books.

It continues with John Milton entering his second year where he has to contend with girls, fighting parents as well as the threat of expulsion from prefects and his house master. I thought it was pretty funny given all of the Crazy 8’s (John’s friends) antics and how they get out of them. I’m not sure how it compares to the books, but I’ll let you know when I’ve read it.

  1. The other funny book I liked was The Racist’s Guide to the People of South Africa along with The Racist’s Guide to the People of the United States. Yes those book titles sound bad and I expect someone to try and cancel me over them, but the books are playful look of stereotypes of the various ethic groups and issues in South Africa and the United States. ↩︎