I Liked The Tetris Movie


I saw a YouTube short which had a clip from the movie Tetris and I decided to check it out. I was about to legally obtain the movie legally before I noticed that it was on Apple TV+ that I’ve never used before, so I did. While it isn’t the most accurate movie out there, it was certainly thrilling.

The movie details how game designer Henk Rogers fought to secure the rights to a fun little game known as Tetris made by Alexy Pajitnov. Sadly, it wouldn’t be that easy as Rogers had to fight for cash, beat competitors and and had to work his way through Soviet Russia to secure the game from ELORG, Pajitnov’s state-run employer. Between the espionage, corruption, family conflicts and intrigue, I thought this was a thrilling movie.

It wasn’t marketed as historically accurate, but it didn’t matter to me since it was such a thrilling movie. There’s a lot of “capitalism saves the day, huzzar!” in this movie so I’m interested in a film that focuses more on the tech scene in the USSR and soviet bloc at large.