SNEAKING Into A BANNED Country [VIDEO 27:48]


I always enjoy the ridiculous videos Nico (and other Brits like Max Fosh) makes. Whether it’s pranking the most racist man [VIDEO 34:56] or running for London Mayor [VIDEO 34:42], I love how he makes me laugh and how it’s about the journey rather than the destination.

This time, he tries to visit the microstate of Liberland which claims a parcel of land nobody wants on the Danube River as the more valuable parts are disputed between Croatia and Serbia. While he could have just accessed the island from Croatia where they couldn’t do anything given he entered the nation legally, where’s the fun in that?

When he arrives, he and the person he went with perform the first financial exchange involving a random flower and the nation’s minted currency. It’s ridiculous, but the first financial transaction the Euro was involved in was buying lychees in Réunion1 so who’s to say?

  1. They transacted first because of a time zone thing. And it’s part of France itself is surprisingly huge. Did you know the largest EU forest is in South America, the longest domestic flight was once between Paris and Tahiti, which is also hosting the 2024 Paris Olympic Games? By the way, the current longest flight is between Réunion and Paris now. ↩︎