This site is being remade and I won't be updating this for a while. Expect a lot of broken links, design and functionality. If all goes well, things should be stable by the end of 2022. Thank you for understanding.


My Current Content Backlog


In line with how there’s too much content and how I’m basically a content glutton, here’s all the stuff I thought I would go through at some point:

  • 450 articles in my rss reader,
  • 110 tabs on my mobile Safari
  • 702 posts in safari’s reading list (which can’t be exported unless you make a data request)
  • 3,063 videos on my iPad
    • 1,720 more videos are sitting on my external hard drive waiting to be watched
    • On top of all that, I’ve just added 498 videos to the hard drive
  • 35 movies
  • 14 TV shows
  • 121 Podcast episodes
  • 166 Books (as ePubs in Apple Books)
    • Another 128 books as PDFs
  • Countless games I want to play

Note that this is a lower bound and things grow by the day. I’m about to give up on trying to catch up since it lookslike it will never happen.