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The Most Extreme Points I've Visited


These are the most extreme points I’ve visited on earth:

  • North—Johenseu, Finland🇫🇮. Went there as a kid for an environmental conference. First time experiencing “snow”
  • South—Cape Town, South Africa🇿🇦. Used to go there frequently to visit my brother until he died. Went there in 2022 since I was itching to travel.
  • East—Perth, Australia🇦🇺. Lived there for two years while my mom was doing her masters. Special mention goes to Bali, Indonesia🇮🇩 which missed this title by about 400km
  • West—San Francisco, California🇺🇸, USA. Went there for a job interview. Sour grapes but not having a job means I didn’t have to deal with the ridiculous housing market.

To add: Geographically central, population ally central, highest and lowest.