This site is being remade and I won't be updating this for a while. Expect a lot of broken links, design and functionality. If all goes well, things should be stable by the end of 2022. Thank you for understanding.


All Major Posts I've Been Moved In!

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This post has hadnotable changes:

  • 2022-20-10—Updated my progress as I’m mostly done though the work has just begun.

I expected this assignment to take longer, but I’ve finished going through my old posts and moving them in. I’m ignoring the 500 odd posts waiting to be reviewed, but the really important posts are now online.

I had a problem with structuring media reviews, but I’ve settles on making them taxonomies (books, movies, shows and documentaries). Ideally it would be nested under media, but one thing at a time. I’m glad that my return to blogging is going well.

As for what I’m planning to do next, I hope to:

  • Fix links since there are hundreds of links on this site that either don’t exist or redirect to wherever.
  • Review and revise all the posts in here (for example, my post on the Mini EV).
  • Go through the posts I didn’t migrate and figure out how to put them back here, if I decide to do so.
  • Think about the sites structure.

Before I start doing this, I’ll schedule a lot of content so you stay in my mind. I hope you enjoy!