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(Re-)Introducing The Just Section

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  • 2022-14-10—Removed bitching about iCloud not downloading photos as I’ve since added the photo

There are many things I want to share, but they don’t warrant an entire blog post. For instance, the other day I had the best sweet potato fries ever at Yanaya by Sam Levy’s.

A full yet pattyless burger next to a garden salad, brown sauce and sweet potato fries. On the side is a purple smoothie.

The burger was pretty good though it needs some sweetness and brown rice is a curse to humanity. The shake was rather disappointing. Despite this, I was satisfied with this as the sweet potato fries made this whole meal worth it.

There’s no use coming up with a whole ass review if those fries overshadowed everything else I had there. I had this section before but I abandoned it for no clear reason. Well, it’s back now. Thing of this section as a micro-blog of sorts—Twitter without going on Twitter. The vibe I’m going for is like Jeremy Keith who does this very well as he manages to permalink every tweet he’s made. I’m also hoping this gets me on the path to making this site, a digital garden where I focus on incremental improvements.

If you read this site via RSS, I might clobber your reader so I’ll make this a separate feed at some point. For now, I hope you enjoy my random little posts!

Oh, I nearly forgot. Why is this section called Just? It’s because it’s just me without the editing filter.