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You're Supposed To Sleep Between the Fitted and Flat Sheets


During my family trip to the US (post pending), I dropped my sibling off at college. As we were helping my sibling unpack, we got into an argument over how to make a bed. Typically I (and most college students) tuck the flat sheet over the fitted one, which seemed rather redundant since tucking in sheets is so annoying. When I saw my mum placing the flat sheet upside down, and she insisted on that, I was wondering what difference it made since you just sleet on top of it. A bit of arguing and thinking later the reason was blatantly obvious—you’re supposed to sleep between the flat sheet and the fitted sheet to protect the blanket or top duvet.


Again, unless you’re in the military or hospitality, I don’t care what you do, but once I realized this it makes so much sense. It always felt strange when I would sleep at a hotel and I’d feel the lose sheet. I totally get it now. I need to learn some home economics since there’s a lot of domestic skills I don’t know.