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People Did Complain About The Queen Piece When It Was Added to Chess


For a while now, some people (read: whiny gamers™️) have complained about wokeness/SJW/politics ruining video games and media in general. Part of how media has been ruined by wokeness is by introducing more woman protagonists, or by making current women characters “less sexy”, whatever the hell that means.

This had led some to speculate that were gamers™️ around when chess was introduced, they would have complained about how the Queen piece was too strong for a female character.

Thing is they actually did complain. From Wikipedia discussing when the Queen piece took it’s modern form in the 15th:

The new rules faced a backlash in some quarters, ranging from anxiety over a powerful female warrior figure to frank abuse against women in general.

That quote is from the book Birth Of The Chess Queen [ARCHIVE] by Marilun Yalom. If I get time, I’ll update this post with a quot from there.