I’m late to the controversy, but I knew where this was going as soon as he mentioned the new Rick and Morty game.

I planned to write more on this but basically, it’s a lot of controversy over a game people would forget about in a few months. It’s not suprising that anything related to Harry Potter would sell well. Thing is, if you’re a trans ally, not playing a game is the least you can do. It’s not like you’re being asked to join a militia or anything.

At the same time, if we wanted to avoid consuming things that might upset us, we wouldn’t do anything, let alone play any video game. For instance, why would boycotting Chick-fil-a make sense but boycotting other restaurants which underpay employees (Chick-Fil-A pays more even), not? Not sure where the line is, but you should listen to your conscious. Nobody can tell you what to do, but if you insist on playing the game and you understand what your trans audience is complaining about, your guilt is on you.

As for death threats on people playing a video game, relax. It’s not like JK Rowling lacks the money to harm trans people. At the same time, the people making death threats are a minority, but that doesn’t really matter. If you’re getting roasted online, everyone roasting you eventually looks the same, so the shittiest responses jump out at you. For that reason, I guess you should be better at expressing disagreement and not join in pile-ons?