Remember Basecamp by 37 Signals?


I was unsubscribing from newsletters and I noticed a bunch of recruitment emails from 37Signals, the company behind Basecamp and Hey.com. They (particularly DHH) are known for being contrarian in how they run things, both technically and organizationally. Heck, they even wrote books about it.

The thing that reminded me isn’t the meltdown from when they banned political discussion at work. Rather, it’s how a lot of the workers quit after that so the rarely sent newsletter was suddenly flooded with vacancies.

Given that I got an email from them as I’m writing this three years after the fiasco, I think they’re doing ok. I guess it’s the death of Twitter or my circles but they don’t seem to have the clout they used to. I mean, DHH seems a bit less progressive than before but life goes on I suppose.