The TRUTH Behind the Airport Travel CHAOS!


Airlines sowing: haha, fuck yeah!
Airlines reaping: what the fuck? This fucking sucks!

Seems like this was an issue years in the making where faced with an aging workforce, airlines tried to defer the retirements and hope to fix the problem tomorrow rather than invest in new talent opting to offer stock buybacks instead. Whatever new talent they had they ruthlessly exploited. With Covid came early retirements, furloughs and mass layoffs. Concerning the latter, turns out that other jobs pay more and are less disruptive.

I’m worried how this will impact my US trip. My flights seem ok for now but hearing how airports are literally full is shaking my confidence. Between the high fuel prices and the labour issues, aviation is about to get more expensive. In general, it seems the chickens have come to roost in many sectors who’ve relied on low wages for so long.