Apple Devices is Garbage so Far


Apple has decided to split iTunes into 3 different apps on Windows where:

  • iTunes will be for Podcasts and audiobooks,
  • Apple Music for Music,
  • Apple TV for movies and TV, and
  • Apple Devices to transfer files.

I don’t have a MacBook so I relied on iTunes to transfer files onto it since Apple refuses to implement a sensible file system. Yes there’s SMB support and USB-C but those shouldn’t be necessary to do basic shit like this. Not that iTunes was a great file transfer experience before but Apple Devices is so much worse. I wanted to copy over some videos I downloaded and these are the issues I had:

  • it refuses to copy WebMs even though it shouldn’t matter to the app I’m copying it to,
  • there is no progress indicator so I can’t tell the progress of file transfers, and
  • it somehow doesn’t have an “Apply to All” for resolving duplicates.

It’s impressive how a multi trillion dollar company can make software so bad. Just use CopyTrans until Apple sorts this shit out.