Umm Google, That Video Is a Joke

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I found the YouTube channel Adrian Gray Comedy (featured on This Week’s Thing) who makes fake history videos under the series Forgotten History1. I saw his video on Elvis Sending Women Insane [1:00] and I was recommended a video of Elvis performing “Hound Dog” on Ed Sullivan [3:38].

Intrigued by his ability to make women swoon, I Googled around to learn more and sure enough, the very video I watched came up unironically.

Google search for ’elvis got women swooning’ with a video titled ‘Elvis Sends Women Insane’ by ‘Adrian Grey Comedy’

Sure watching the video will reveal it to be a joke, but I worry that Google can’t understand jokes. Heck, not just jokes. While snippets are usually accurate (to me anyway), there are times when the source material says another thing entirely.

This has me side-eying the search engine big time.

  1. I made it creator of the week a while ago, but I lost the post. I’ll republish it once I find it. ↩︎