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The other day I discovered just how big a deal musicians were in the 50’sā€’70’s. One such band of musicians are the Beetles with Beetlemania. Reading the Wikipedia article, it mentioned that the phenomenon was compared to a Nazi Rally and at one point I remember the article including a picture to a Nazi rally.

Possibly the biggest “know who else” statement I’ve ever seen.

Such statements are called Reductio ad Hitlerum where you invalidate one’s arguments by calling them Hitler. I don’t know what the writer intended to show with that picture, but it feels very dishonest albeit funny.

See also: Goodwin’s law.

I bring this up because a future article I’m working on reminded me of how the other day I heard that J.K Rowling, prominent children’s author who is known for sharing her “gender critical views” to put it at that, refused to acknowledge the Nazi’s well-documented persecution of transgender people. This led to people calling it Holocause denial. While it is, I find it a bit charged since most people’s conception with the Holocaust is on it’s persecution of Jews rather than the other groups like the LGBTQ, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Roma and the disabled. Not that I have much love for J.K Rowling let alone Harry Potter but clearly these fights aren’t accomplishing much besides raising everyone’s cortisol levels. There are better avenues for activism and J.K. can clearly afford to to not worry herself about the opinions of online trolls.