Kwik Trip Appreciation


He’s talking about Wisconsin’s Kwik Trips, but they have them in Iowa too. I liked it since it was close to campus, open 24/7, had decent groceries, amazing muffins1 and the weird spiced sausage thing as well as great staff (especially a crush I had). It was also the first place I drove to when I got my car and license. I had to fill my own gas, though Kwik Trip let’s you pay afterwards inside away from the card skimmers at the pump or awkwardly preload.

As cool as KwikTrip is, Casey’s had amazing food, especially their breakfast pizza. I once looked up how they make it [VIDEO 2:55] and it’s nothing special—just dough, cheese, American “cheese”, bacon, eggs and a midwestern touch. Besides the food, the Casey’s nearby also tied into the supermarket Hy-Vee’s rewards program for fuel.

  1. Especialy the chocolate ones which were the best baked chocolate good I’ve had in the US. American chocolate tastes weird. Turns out it literally uses rotten milk [VIDEO 13:47]—even worse they add the thing which makes it rotten. As much as I want to dunk on Americans for their shitty chocolate, it’s what they grew up with. ↩︎