Fast Crimes at Lambda School


This is a damning look into how the former Silicon Valley darling BloomTech (formerly Lambda School) was basically a scam run by a Austen Allred who has run scams of his own.

When I wrote about them last time, Allred and the school had been fined and while I still find the 100% placement based a sample of n=1, I assumed that their teaching was actually competent—this post shows that it absolutley wasn’t.

The while post is worth a read but long story short Allred is a pathological liar, their classes were hot garbage, the ISA’s were predatory, Allred lied about having skin in the game by selling off ISAs, ISAs are a heavily flawed college financing mechanism, VCs were all to willing to believe Allred’s bullshit and most of all, Allred is a pathologival liar.