Zimbabweans Deserve Potholes for Being Shit Drivers. Fixing Them Will Only Enable Them

I hate Zim drivers who are literally the worst. Driving to work, I saw:

  • risky overtaking,
  • driving into oncoming traffic,
  • blowing stop signs,
  • mishikashika randomly stopping for passengers, and
  • a car which not only turned ahead of oncoming traffic, it turned into an oncoming lane which had a car waiting to turn.

Ironically, the road with least worst driving was full of potholes. Potholes suck but they’re the only thing getting people to drive carefully. As long as we Zimbabweans continue to ignore the rules of the road, we don’t deserve nicer ones. Best to divert maintenance funds to highways which have an expectation of unimpeded high-speed driving.

This will be another rant for another time but it’s funny how I occasionally see fancy cars driving down shitty roads. Truly a great allocation of resources, great job guys!