Here’s some random memes I saved from Twitter for no reason.

A badly photoshopped image of a man trying to yeet tiktaalik, a long fish crawling onto land, with a kick

A gun trained on tiktaalik, a long fish crawling onto land

That crawling fish thing is Tiktaalik who decided to crawl out of the water 300 million odd years ago, leading to land based creatures along with all the problems that come with it which make us wish Tiktaalik stayed put.

Jesus Christ in the style of KFC’s Colonel Saunders

I saved a lot of these when I still used Twitter before it was closed off. I might share them some times.

a black puppy with blonde feet lying in the grass

That’s my dog Trix as a puppy. He’s much bigger now.

Actually, there is a reason for sharing these—I’ve finally managed to set up an image processing pipeline with caching on my site. Wichout caching it would take 5 minutes instead of 1. It’s very shitty but I’ll fix it eventually. And no, I didn’t add the puppy picture because I messed up the build—thanks for asking!