ZiG’s Currency Code is Now ZWG


Just as I predicted, the official currency code for ZiG will be ZWG. The previous one, ZWL, will still be around for a few more months to allow system migrations. Note that this is the currency code which identifies the currency, ZiG is still the symbol, much like € is for the Euro (code EUR)

I don’t know why they didn’t start with one but it’s a good development. The one thing I hope it will get rid off is how some website use bad localization and convert prices to ZWL that used a bizzare exchange rate from when Zimbabwe last cut zeroes in 2008 before abandoning the Zim Dollar.

I don’t know why they don’t rely on the exchange rate from the payment networks like Visa and MasterCard that use the official rate. I haven’t paid in local currency online for a while but the local processors do some magic to get the unofficial rate.

The next hope is that we’ll be able to transact with it online like other countries can with their own currencies.