This now page is inspired by Derek Silver’s /now page movement.

After many months away from writing, I’m trying to do it again. In short, I have a lot to say and doing so will take me through to the end of 2023.

Ever since I started working, I don’t have as much free time as I used to. Once I get home, I’ll be too lazy to do anything besides entertaining myself. This means little time to do things that would improve my career. The only way I can get that free time would be to sleep earlier which is hard to do. I’ve resolved to just spend at least an hour a day working on this and hope it builds up—slow productivity as they call it.

As for entertaining myself, there is so much media I want to consume. I’ve downloaded nearly 300GB of video which would take me weeks to consume, provided that I don’t download anymore. There are also many games I also want to play video games and read books. So much content to consume and so little time. The free time is what I envied about not working. I could spend weeks bingewatching Youtube videos. Alas, that isn’t the case now.

I’ve been working properly for six months now and there’s a lot I want to reflect on. It’ll be a premium post to prevent peering eyes. It’ll be out in a couple of weeks, but the main takeaway is that while the job isn’t in the field I had hoped for and it gets annoying at times, I can still learn a lot from it. It doesn’t hurt that I’m actually getting paid and I have low expenses.

Asides from trying to make a plan for my life, I’m looking forward to a couple of trips. The first one is the 2022 World Cup in Qatar coming up in November followed by a week in Jo’burg in December.

In the mean time, while I won’t make any promises, I hope to publish something every day, though it’s possible that it will be a repost of something I wrote long ago.