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Where I've Traveled In The 2010s


I wrote this post a long time ago and I decided to republish it. Enjoy!

I was going to write this in 2020, but I lost my passport so I might as write this now as I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.

Little did Farai know that nobody would be travelling in 2020, haha).



I went here for a French class. Here I went to Boulonge, Lille, Brussels (in Belgium) and Paris. I got to see the Eiffel Tower, Palace of Versailles and Euro Disney. As beautiful as it was, my cringe ruined the trip. Hope to go back to France again.

Cape Town

Right after my trip to France, I went on a long road trip with my brother and mom. Didn’t get to spend a lot of time in Cape Town though.


Cape Town

I went here to meet up with my brother. Nothing too fancy.

United States

I went here for a big family holiday. We started in Florida to meet my big sister before the rest of us went to Michigan to meet some relatives. We finished the trip off with a cruise to the Bahamas.



I went here to start my final two years of high school. Went straight after my trip to the United States.


I went here for French class. Strange place to go for a French trip but there is a French themed cabin in Lesotho so we went. Beautiful country. Would visit just to hike.

Cape Town

I went here two times.

I randomly found an ad for Trevor Noah’s comedy show and I noticed that there was a show in Johannesburg. Unfortunatley it was on the same day school started. Fortunatley there was a show in Cape Town which is where my brother lived at the time that coincided with half-term. I couldn’t get the date I wanted so I missed a week of school to spend with my brother. Along with the show, I got to explore a little bit of Cape Town.

I really did wish I got to talk with my brother a lot more since he died two months later. That’s the second time I went to Cape Town. Trying to figure out if he was truly dead, how to retrive his body and all that. Feels bad man.


Mostly getting between Swaziland and Harare for school.


There’s gonna be a bunch of US places here.

Fort Lauderdale & New York

Went here for a family holiday just before I started college. We also spent a weekend in New York. Fun Time


My mom, little sister and I then went on a cruise to Mexico. Another fun time.

Random Rural Town In Nebraska

Friend invited me to his house.

Des Moines

Another friend invited me to his house.

Random Rural Rust Belt Illinois Town

Yet another friend.


Meeting up with family. Got to take the Amtrak. Love the train ride, spacious and it had free Wi-Fi but America needs to show their trains some love. They’re slacking on a major.


Got a long wait until I had to catch a train back to my friends place. Was fun until I got racially profilled. I did get a super cheesy stuffed deep dish pizza which I shared with a homeless man though.


Daytona Beach

Got to met with my big sister. Explored the Daytona speed way and did some other things. Preferred it to cold Iowa.


My big sister graduated from grad school so we decided to celebrate in Chicago. Got to see a lot. The Magnificent Mile, a boat cruise, the Willis Tower, the Aquarium. I also had the best breakfast ever at The Yolk where I had red velvet french toast. Name a better meal. I’ll wait.

Fun time. Wish I had more time there though.


Took a week to learn how to drive. Got back to Iowa and got my license. Also got a car since my sister got a new job out of the US.



Iowa City

Career fair. Met a sponsor from the aformentioned hackathon. Told me to come back with more experience.


Hackathon. Also got to see the Mall of America. Really big place. Is there anything else worthwhile to do in that city?


Des Moines

Initially went for an interview that I thought I aced but didn’t.

Second time I was chilling with a friend for Spring Break.


Hackathon. Drove a lot then.


Couldn’t get an internship so my mom let me come home. Got an internship that I flopped.


Wasn’t supposed to go but we were just able to afford it. Spent most of the time in the island of Crete. Beautiful place, especially the beach in the south. Also lots of wine and great food.

We also went to Athens. It’s amazing what you can build if you have slaves to help (B.C.E Greece that is). Also went for a cruise, but I missed the stop in Turkey because I only had a single entry visa. Cought up with them in Samos.

All in all, great trip! Should go again.



Sucessful hackathon.

New York City

Tech interview I flopped.

United Kingdom

Went here for a school trip on the historical roots of mathematics. Lots of museums (like the Royal Observatory) and historical sites. Went to England, Scotland and Whales. Would have gone to Ireland, but my visa wouldn’t let me (so I thought, I actually could go).

Favorite places were Bletchley Park, Old Trafford, The Museum of Science and Technology and a Scottish burger bar called Bread Meats Bread. Punny I know.

Also met a family friend in Greenwitch. Lots of cool trains. Amazing place. Might not visit again because of the whole Brexit thing.


Caught up with my mom who went there for work. Didn’t have much time so we went to the Coca-Cola Museum, Civil Rights Museum (was really heavy) and the first Chick-fil-A. I consider Chick-fil-A mediocre, but their fried okra and frozen lemonade was the best.


Back with family for temporary housing since I couldn’t move in for RA work yet. Was supposed to be at work and got written up for it. Ah well…


Got to meet with my family for a few days. I would have joined them on a cruise but I had to go for work training on Labour Day1.


Las Vegas

I chose to come here after graduation. Lots of lights and entertainment. Really wanna go back for the true Vegas experience.

Los Angeles

I initially wanted to spend the week here, but my sister wanted to go to a Chainsmokers concert in Vegas so… While we didn’t have much time here, but I had a great time at the pier and Universal Studios. Hope to go again.


Moved in with my aunt to find a job which didn’t happen.

San Fransico

Went for a job interview at Pivotal.


Went here for Thanksgiving. Liked the change of pace and environment.


Bay Area (again)

For the Google Job Interviews.


Work permit expired and I didn’t get a job so I moved back to Zim where things are much worse. Ah well…


Cheapest place I could visit for holiday. Lost my passport which are impossible to get now, but I had a great time there.


So I’ve travelled quite a bit. My favorite place I’ve visited would have to be Greece followed by the UK and then Indonesia. I wish I could have gone to China and LA, but I didn’t have enough money. I really hope to travel to more places, but this time around I’ll have more money to spend.

Only issues I have in my big travel plans is me not having a job or passport as well as climate change. We’ll see what happens.

  1. I don’t get Labour Day. America is literally the reason Worker’s Day is on the 1st of May. Thanks to their never-ending fear of communists, they moved it. Cowards. Also people still work 🙄. ↩︎