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My Trip to Cape Town Part 1—Travelling at Last


I haven’t been able to travel thanks to COVID. As things let up, I could travel again. I planned on going to Cape Town and passing through Johannesburg getting my sister in November 2021. Sadly, I couldn’t get money in time for departure. Thanks to Omicron, my travel plans were delayed further and I only got over my fear in late February as COVID had receeded.

Going a day earlier than planned and leaving a couple days after my plan, I headed to Cape Town between the 21st—28th. Over the next few posts I’ll tell you about my trip and how it went. This posts starts with me trying to get there.

This Airline Was Almost Bankrupt

The day before travelling, I got my COVID test. While it was $30, it was $30 more than I wanted to spend. I then packed my bag and tried to be a vlogger. It didn’t work but I got a cool picture of my bag:

Clothes, towel, shoes, diary, iPad, chargers, masks, powerbank, passport, wallet and bag on top of my bed

I also bought the three day Cape Town iVenture City Pass [AFFILIATE] so I’d have things to do once I get there. I headed to bed and I got ready to travel where I noticed that the flight’s departure time had changed.

I headed to the airport, picking up my COVID test on the way there and I checked in with no problem. I then had to pick between the Dzimbabwe lounge and The Lounge and I picked the smaller The Lounge since it had a $15 alcohol free package.

After nibbling on some toasties and sipping some ginger ale, I headed to the gate where the flight was delayed by a couple hours. Eventually I got on board and headed to Joburg. I was worried that I’d miss the next flight, but it turns out that everything on British Airways Comair that day was heavily delayed. They’ve had problems for weeks and they were almost bankrupt.

I landed in Jo’burg where I had to fill in pointless health forms that would probably be trashed after I filled it. Besides that, immigration was fine and I headed off to buy a SIM card—bad mistake, always but it in the city. I called my aunt to tell her I was fine and rushed through to the flight to Cape Town. They wouldn’t let me get on an earlier flight, but whatever, I was on my way.

I got to Cape Town at around 8:30pm and I noticed a phone shop at the domestic terminal with a cheaper SIM card. I then called a Bolt ride where I got a Zimbo driver. He was a teacher but left Zimbabwe as it had gone to crap. He gets by but it requires a lot of hustling.

I got to the Big Blue Backpackers Lodge by the Waterfront and paid ZAR800 for 4 nights. I quietly unpacked and went to sleep, ready to take on Cape Town.

Stay tuned for part 2 to see what I did in my time there.