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Yes, We Should Ban Cars As Well


Usually when the danger of something is brought up, like the risk of COVID, and we should do something about it, someone would retort to how despite the number of accidental fatalities and injuries cars cause, nobody seriously argues that we should get rid of them.

Well that changes today because I really do think that cars should be banned or reduced significantly.

Besides car accidents, cars should be banned because they’re a significant source of carbon emissions and they ruin how cities are designed. Even if all the cars became electric (which they should be despite the manufacturing emissions for now), the impact on cities can’t be ignored. In short, they take up a lot of space relative to the number of people they carry. Not just in driving, but parking space too. Also, there are many ways to prove that if more people can drive, more people will drive. Essentially, “one more lane will fix it” never does. That incentivizes certain city designs that ensure car dependency that is unsustainable to maintain.

Also, even if cars kill more people, why are we okay with that? It’s not like you can only fix one thing at a time. Let’s not accept premature deaths, please.