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Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room


This movie (adapted from the book of th same name), looks into how brazenly fraudulent Enron. Rotten from its inception, it screwed employees, California and two utilities while their executives and collaboraters made bank. The part which annoyed me the most was how their traders were getting off from screwing Californians by fucking with the energy supply with dozens of planned strategies. I thought they sounded like actual crimes and it turns out they actually were crimes. This really made me wish that they would be [REDACTED][In Minecraft].

With all the strategies Enron used to keep the charade going, why didn’t any investers do any due dilligence? They were all too happy to reap high returns even though their fortunes were gambled away at one point only to be fraudulently brought back. It took a journalist embracing the wise tactic of “asking questions” to figure out that they pretended to make money while shoving their losses in shell accounts which where coincidentally owned by their executives.

In all, this company and their collaborators deserved to die. The thing that worries me now is that there might be bigger fraud going on, especially in cryptocurrency1. I recommend watching this if you want to understand what Enron was up to. I might read the book if I get time.

  1. The Terra stable coin crashed a few weeks before me writing this, and it looks like it’s just a matter of time before Tether goes too. The sooner the better. ↩︎