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This Is Going To Hurt


A great book which goes into writer Adam Kay’s experience as a doctor in gynecology and obstetrics (brats and twats as he likes to call it) for Britain’s National Health Service (NHS). Throughout the book, you switch between laughter, anger and sadness—sometimes in the same chapter!

Honestly, I’m amazed that healthcare works as well as it does given how it seems that healthcare workers are chronically overworked and understaffed. This work seems to have adverse effects on their private lives as well. Compound this with a government intent on dismantling the public healthcare system making the system “more efficient” and ridiculous patients, I wonder why they’d sign up for this.

Adam does a great job covering the struggles of an NHS doctor. This makes me want to give a hug and thanks to any healthcare worker I come across, though this pales in comparison to increasing their wages. I can’t do much more than sharing words but much like my offer to farmers, I’d gladly get you a drink if you reach out to me.

Turns out that this is also a TV show which I’m watching right now. Adam comes across as an asshole, but better that than trying to make himself a Mary Sue.