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Expressing Gratitude


Given how stressful my life is right now, I just want to show some gratitude for all the helpful things that have happened in the past few years.

  • Family. They’ve been very helpful and gracious, from paying my tuition to high school that got me a full scholarship to letting me stay with them while I try to figure out the next steps in my life. Not sure how I would have gotten by if it wasn’t for their help.
  • Friends. We’ve had a lot of fun together and they’ve helped make my academic life more tolerable.
  • Random strangers. The most promising job leads have come from random strangers who somehow wanted to trust their reputation with some random kid from Zimbabwe. While none of those leads turned into jobs, I’m thankful that they’ve given me the chance to prove myself rather than end up in a blackhole of job applications.
  • My full scholarship. I have no idea how I would have afforded college if it weren’t for Wartburg College for giving me a full scholarship. WHile it wasn’t my first, second or thid choice, they were really quick to give me the offer.
  • My education. In my time at college, I’ve had the oppurtunity to be taught by great instructors. I especially want to thank the CS department for giving me the oppurtunity to take programming seriously.
  • My work experiences. Even though the dining services job wasn’t my first choice of job, I am greatful that I got to have a lot of fun working there and it paid slightly more. I also got to become an RA which I sucked at but I’m greatful for having the chance to figure that out. Also, the library job. While I didn’t use it to it’s fullest potential, I’m grateful that I was given the space to learn and grow.

Given that nothing is looking up right now, this seemed like the best time to show some gratitude for my life as it is now.