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Jimmy Saville: A British Horror Story


While I’ve heard of Jimmy Saville before this documentary, I never knew just how much of a socialite he was. He was a larger than life figure who came from being a coal miner and he was really entertaining from fulfilling childrens’ wishes to raising a lot of money for charity, particularly hospitals. Behind all that however, was a huge monster only exposed after his death because of all the people who ignored it.

It’s not the point of this documentary, but I can’t help but wonder why he needs to be doing all this charity for things the government should cover. It’s no suprise that neoliberal Thatcher liked him because he was entreprenurial and used his influence to help people rather than waiting for the government1 to do it.

  1. I really hate it when people expect the government to do their jobs. Sure you give them money but why should you expect anything out of it? ↩︎