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Paradise Killer


I saw this game on Game Pass and I tried it out. It’s a weird detective game with great investigative mechanics. You play as Rubenesque detective Lady Love Dies who’s been brought out of exile to investigate a brutal mass murder against a sick sound track. There’s little handholding so it’s up to you to put all the pieces together. In doing so, you’ll realize just how fucked up this society is where all the residents have something to hide. Others are willing to cuss you in Romanian1.

As fun as all the detective work was, there are three problems I have with the game:

  1. It can literally make you sick. I couldn’t play more than 30 minutes at a time without feeling nauseous and getting a headache. This made me realize just how important accessibility is. You can reduce the sickness by adjusting the FOV and turning off motion blur.
  2. Don’t know how to put this without spoiling too much, but the one big trial is rather underwhelming. Unless you do a perfect job investigating, you won’t get Ace Attorney levels of theatrics here. Maybe I’m expecting one definitive way things to end, it doesn’t feel like your evidence matters as long as you convict the right person.
  3. Yakuza has spoiled me with a small yet detailed world so this game is far too spread out. Even worse, it costs money to fast travel about the map. It’s impressive for a little indie studio to pull off, but running all over the map gets annoying fast.

In all, it’s a great little game which has convinced me to give indie games on Game Pass a shot. Shame about the accessibility issues though.

  1. For instance, labagiu means wanker. Why is being a masturbator a common insult across languages? Wanker, jerk, malakas etc… ↩︎