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Don't Be Afraid To Sell Your Stuff


The other day, I read an article on iFixit titled “If You Want to Feel Better About E-Waste, You Have to Sell Stuff”. This inspired me to write about the time I sold a bunch of my shit since I needed the cash. Enjoy!

There was a time I had a lot of liabilities caused by buying a lot of shit, some of which I might not have used. Without a job and the liabilities still due, I complained to someone about it and they asked me.

Why don’t you just sell some of your stuff?

My sister proposed this earlier but I was scared of getting shanked. As things got worse desperate, I rounded up my shit, took some pictures and put them on Craigslist.

A Raspberry Pi, mirrorless Camera, old ass Headphones, Accessories, a TV, an iPad, power cables, lenses, a monitor, an arduino and a bunch of other shit.

Over time, people came in asking for this and that. Occasionally, people would haggle which I guess was part of the deal. Some haggling was a tough sell like the iPad, but accessories sweetened the deal. Other times we would initially agree on a price, like $40 and when I got there, the person would be like “. Sure. A few offers were really insulting, but I guess the other person felt the same about what I was offering.

The most interesting sell was a battery for a mirrorless camera. The person lived far from me so I agreed to ship it out and they’d Venmo me the expenses. $25 for the battery, $4 for USPS’s First Class package with tracking and $1 for a padded envelope. Came with free socks to pad the battery since I wasn’t sure how to store a lithium battery. I gave them the tracking number and I let them know it arrived, but I never got a response. I hope they didn’t think I just sent them a pair of socks and found me to be an asshole. I didn’t get a chargeback so 🤷🏾‍♂️.

The most annoying thing was traveling to a deal. Driving 1 hour for $5 is pretty dumb in hindsight, but I don’t have power cables anymore (never expected those to sell).

Now, I still have the liabilities and I blew most of the earnings, but I got the confidence to sell shit I don’t need anymore. Someone might find value in the shit you don’t need anymore. Your unfulfilled dreams could be another’s first step in living up to theirs. And you’ll make money too. This is far better than cluttering your house with garbage and better yet, you’ll prevent prevent useful items from going to the landfill.

Sell your stuff, it’s worth it!