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I Should Have Saved My Old Stuff


I’ve been cleaning up my GitHub profile and I’m annoyed at all the stuff I’ve lost. Old work, school projects and history of my old projects1 all gone. Fortunately, most of my old blogs are on the Wayback Machine and I’ve saved my photos onto my computer.

Whether it’s sloppiness from moving files around, forgetting to save stuff or deleting them in a spur of cringe/depression, I regret not keeping them. I would have had a better understanding of my skill development had I kept them.

Oh well.🤷🏾‍♂️

Now I know better, I’m going to do a better job at keeping my old work. On that note, I should really look into a proper backup solution rather than the faith-based solution I have now. If I figure out how to do either of these things, I’ll write about it.

  1. While most of the old projects are there, the history of them aren’t. I wanted to write about the history of my old websites, but I copied the latest branch instead of the ↩︎