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An Easy Way To Get Youtubers To Add Captions To Their Videos

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One of the small things I’m proud of doing is getting Youtubers to add captions to their videos just by asking. If I suspect that they are reading off a script which can be uploaded to YouTube and synced up as the video’s captions, I then send a simple comment or email like this:

“Great video! Can you add captions to your videos? I suspect you’re reading off a script. If so, Youtube lets you upload the raw script and syncs it to the video automatically. Here’s how”

And so far, it works! I’ve managed to ask Mini Air Crash and Investigation and Our Changing Climate. I would also like to think I’ve convinced Simple Flying and Linus Tech Tips as well since I did a similar thing on their channels, but they didn’t address me when I asked.

Still, it helps to make it easy for them since they just might not have known how. Either way, bigger channels should have less issues doing this since they should have budgeted for this.